When will jaxx support bitcoin cash

Who supports Bitcoin Cash the complete list I also find it irritating how Jaxx wallet automatically creates a new address when you have received a transaction. It feels a little like I am using a BETA wallet that the devs forgot about. As a result I installed the app on my ipad, however I need a back up key. I attempted to use bitcoin and the transaction keeps failing. Who supports Bitcoin Cash. Exodus, will not support Bitcoin Cash, either through splitting or providing a market. Trezor. Jaxx. Since Jaxx users are.

S Best Bitcoin Wallet 23 Hardware BCH doesnt show anything at all due to the problems Jaxx have with the forked BCH. I need to be able to see the previous addresses and the transactions to be able to actually use Jaxx as a payment receiving tool. My iphone just crashed and it wont turn on anymore, however my BTC were stored in my wallet on the phone. I am trying to buy something off of selly and they only accept btc eth or bch. What’s the Best Bitcoin Wallet for 2018? 23 Wallets Compared & Reviewed

Our team is working on the Bitcoin Cash upgrade in the Jaxx wallet DASH only shows last transaction but not the previous ones. May 30, 2018. Bitcoin Cash is temporarily suspended in Jaxx while we work on. Please accept my apologies on behalf of the Jaxx team at Decentral Inc.

When will jaxx support bitcoin cash:

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