Market capitulation

Capitulation Definition Day Trading Terminology - Warrior. One of the biggest ironies (among many) in the realm of financial speculation is that major bottoms in all markets are a direct consequence of the massive amount of sell orders that flood the exchange when most market participants finally reach their breaking point. A capitulation is a colloquial market term describing a pattern of strong selling, where powerful psychological and market forces have led to market.

Final Bubble Phase for the Stock Market Final Capitulation for. This breaking point, or as it’s commonly referred to in the financial markets, “capitulation” —which Webster’s Dictionary defines as the act of surrendering or yielding — happens with a very strong bout of selling. Get the Big Picture view on gold, silver and other precious metals markets with Kitco Senior Analyst. With thorough analysis, get a sense of today's market.

Capitulation Index - The Key To Market Timing Success! How the. This panic type selling is usually induced when very bad news hits the news wires. The WSC Capitulation Index is calculated according to a proprietary formula. It shows bottoms when the so called

BrainAmp Market Forecasting – To the unwitting market participant, this seems counter intuitive, as you would think that all of that selling would send the markets much lower, but the fact is that quite often a strong bounce usually ensues immediately after all the exhaustive selling is done. So much for a correction today. Thursdays are often a day of big drops in this current market. If we dont see a 300 + point drop tomorrowthen we are running out of.

Market capitulation:

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